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  •  unit 1 physical properties of soils

Two day workshop on Adoption of Technology in Teaching and Learning

soil mechnics  unit 1

demo moodle

This course is designed to explore the features of Moodle in Teaching and Learning in Engineering

This course is designed for mentorship training program.....

A Two days hands on workshop "Adaptation of Technologies for Teaching an Learning" organized at Vardhaman Egineering College, Hyderabad, 31st May and 1st June 2017

Promoting the practice and philosophy of Free Software software development and Open Science within the biological research community.

Apache Superset is a Data Analysis/Visualisation tool for beginners to get into Data Science. 

im intested in programing languages till now i learned c programing and some of the basics of  objected oriented programing through java and data structures and now i want to learn python language why because it requires less coding than c language

till now i didn,t learn any web technology courses
like html or php..etc....so now i want to register for this course html5